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Indianer Inuit of North America FilmFestival

Roseanne Supernault is a multi-faceted Actress and Producer. She has performed from a young age; gracing the stage for years in plays and dance pieces until graduating from Victoria School of the Arts in Edmonton, Alberta. She hails from East Prairie Metis Settlement and is a proud Metis/Cree woman. A graduate from 4 years at Victoria School of the Arts, she has also performed in theatre, dance, feature films, commercials, videos, docudramas, and docu-series. She has a propensity for both light and darkness with a unique comedic streak that can flourish amidst dramatic pieces. To date she has received various accolades for her acting performances in projects such as Blackstone, Maina, Rhymes For Young Ghouls, and Every Emotions Costs."

In her most recent stage performance in "Dreary and Izzy,“ she played a woman struggling with FASD and garnered rave reviews from various critics, culminating in a SAT Award nomination. Roseanne’s next endeavour in acting is playing twins in the feature film, “Neither Wolf, Nor Dog” by Steven Lewis Simpson. She will also be featured in several APTN docuseries, along with a web-series on Telus Optik TV in late 2015 and early 2016.

Roseanne continues to be mentored as a Producer, and her writing skills have helped her to produce and direct her first short film, "The Nod,” which premiered at American Indian Film Festival and was nominated for Best Short Film. She is currently developing another, titled "Hunter’s Daughter.“ In addition to facilitating Acting Workshops for youth and also engaging with communities through keynote speaking and hosting functions, Roseanne is also blossoming into a Social Media Muse and Mogul with a combined following of over 40,000. The ambitious Supernault has broken ground for the path before her, sure to include an auspicious and lucrative career filled with creativity, production, and personal success.

Roseanne Supernault will represent UNICEF during the film festival INDIANER INUIT: DAS NORDAMERIKA FILMFESTIVAL (6). Original Post:

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