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L'Oreal Paris selects Roseanne Supernault in their lineup of women featured at TIFF!

Roseanne Supernault photographed for L'Oreal Paris Rose Supernault stands on the shoulders of giants. “I truly, truly do,” says the actress, writer and producer. “There are several Indigenous women who came up in the industry who are powerhouses, and they laid a pathway before me.” Women like actress Tantoo Cardinal, a recipient of the Order of Canada who took Supernault under her wing as a young performer, and Irene Bedard, best known as the voice of Pocahontas in the Disney film.

“These women took it upon themselves, not just to put themselves in the spotlight, but to expand the world and the pool of Indigenous talent,” says Supernault. “How immense are they that they weren’t just thinking of themselves, but they were lifting up all these other people as they rose as well? I would not have accomplished what I have without their efforts.”

About those accomplishments: Supernault has an enviable list of acting credits, including APTN’s Blackstone, the story of life on a reservation from an Indigenous POV. Her latest project is The Wretched One, which she both wrote and starred in. “I need a character that’s three dimensional,” she says of the projects she chooses. “I don’t want to be just arm candy. I don’t want to be one little plot point that falls off in the end that the audience forgets about.”

Now, Supernault is one of five trailblazing Canadian women in film being honoured by L’Oréal Paris in partnership with TIFF, just in time for the film festival’s return. See the full interview on The Toronto Star:

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