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Roseanne Supernault stars in sci-fi thriller "The Northlander"

MM: You deliver a strong dramatic performance in The Northlander as the character Mari. What process did you take in order to prepare for that role?

RS: I found that one of the strengths in being a performer is not reaching for results but coming to an honest and authentic place as a performer, so that anything I do, I am doing it from a genuine place. Whether it’s tuning into an emotion like fear or intensity or whatever emotions that are there and that are present, I use them in an honest and genuine way.

Mentally speaking, I like to know who I am working with and I knew that was my co-star Corey Sevier and in the love scene, I knew I could trust him because he is such a nice guy. Working across from contemporaries and costars that are incredibly professional is very important. Cory started out as a child actor and has been an actor his entire life and has been in the industry his whole life. I’ve been in the industry since I was a very young girl, so knowing I was coming into a scene like that, I knew I could trust that space. In terms of the trust, that comes from my training background as well. I graduated from the Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts in Edmonton and I learned the upmost professionalism there, it is sort of this idea that you leave the drama on the stage, you don’t take that outside with you, you leave it there on set or wherever you are in that professional space.

Also I have a lot of martial arts background, I’ve trained in MMA, boxing, and tae kwon do, so I was really excited to perform those action sequences. I was asking the director and sort of pushing him, because I came to set and all of these guys had all these fight scenes and had stunt actors and I let the director know, “hey I would like to kick some ass too” and he started laughing and he asked me, “is that something you could do?” and I let him know my martial arts background so he’s was like “Ok great!” and he was going to make sure that there is a sequence in there where you’re fighting. So I am excited for everybody to see that aspect of the film. See full article here:

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