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Award Winning, Globally Recognized, Indigenous First Nation Actress


"Supernault is left to do most of the heavy lifting with this script, a task she manages with aplomb. Cold Road accelerates beyond its genre roots to deliver a crowd-pleasing thriller and a heady piece of cinema."


Cold Road - Still 12.jpg

The Hollywood Reporter has the Exclusive look at the trailer for Cold Road.

Cold Road, a genre thriller from IndigiFilm Media and starring Roseanne Supernault, is set on a frozen highway in the remote Canadian North where an Indigenous woman, Tracy, and her dog, Pretzel, are hunted by a stranger in a semi truck. 

Cold Road was shot in Canada’s remote Northwest Territories and is financed by Telefilm Canada and Bell Media. Redvers wrote and directed the indie, while also producing alongside Matt Watterworth and Gianna Isabella, with Scott Lepp and Mark Miller executive producing...


From early childhood as a member of the Whitefish Lake Atikameg First Nation in Treaty 8 territory, Roseanne Supernault has held the medicinal impact of story as a deep, core belief; one that guides and strengthens her in both life and art. In honoring her own storytellers, wisdom keepers, mentors and teachers she gratefully acknowledges the shoulders she stands upon and is coming to understand her role in providing the same for those who are following her lead.  On the heels of starring in a terrifying new thriller, Cold Road, and beginning the post production process on her first feature film, Dusk & Dawn, as writer, director and producer, Rose continues to navigate her creative adventure with courage and compassion.

Canadian First Nation Actress Roseanne Supernault Photoshoot for Loreal Paris

"Rose Supernault pays tribute to Indigenous Women in film. Rose Supernault stands on the shoulders of giants. “I truly, truly do,” says the actress, writer and producer. “There are several Indigenous women who came up in the industry who are powerhouses, and they laid a pathway before me.” Women like actress Tantoo Cardinal, a recipient of the Order of Canada who took Supernault under her wing as a young performer, and Irene Bedard, best known as the voice of Pocahontas in the Disney film..."

Canadian First Nation Actress Roseanne Supernault is Shaina in Dark Nature by Berkley Brady

"Folklore is easily the earliest form of storytelling we have. Some folklore is intended to serve as lessons in morality or ethics, designed to push a people into certain behaviors, while others are merely stories passed down through the generations to keep the beliefs of a community..."

Dusk Dawn Movie Poster Roseanne Supernault Directorial Debut

"Telefilm invests $3M to seven films in Indigenous Stream. Ontario/Alberta drama Café Daughter (Circle Blue Entertainment), written and directed by Shelley Niro (The Incredible 25th Year of Mitzi Bearclaw), and B.C./Alberta dramedy Dusk and Dawn, written and directed by Roseanne Supernault, round out the scripted selections..."

Canadian First Nation Actress Roseanne Supernault is Jo in Acting Good on CTV

"ACTING GOOD stars Rabliauskas as Paul, a witty but sensitive comic who returns home to the fictional Grouse Lake First Nation after a botched attempt to move to the big city. Also joining the cast is actor ... Roseanne Supernault (THE DRIVE) as reformed bad girl and band councillor, Jo..."

Native American Actress Roseanne Supernault is Cree Chief's Daughter in Feature Film Maina along with Eric Schweig

"MAÏNA, Is A Must See Movie. Poulette’s decision to pick Roseanne Supernault for the lead role of Maina was the best choice he could have made. “It was pretty easy to direct Roseanne Supernault, and she had the whole movie on her shoulders, and she succeeded with grace. In fact, after a while I started calling her ‘Miss Emotions’ because after few seconds of discussion she was nailing down the scene. This was a real pleasure.” Supernault is from East Prairie Metis Settlement near High Prairie, Alberta and has worked on APTN’s series Blackstone..."

Native American Actress Roseanne Supernault is Wenonah and Danelle with Tatanka Means in Neither Wolf Nor Dog Feature Film

"For Métis/Cree actress Roseanne Supernault, playing the role of granddaughter to a respected Lakota elder in Neither Wolf Nor Dog came naturally.

Supernault grew up on the East Prairie Mé​tis Settlement in Alberta and spent a big part of her childhood travelling with her father, who captured the stories of elders on cassette tape.

"We would drive around the Prairies and we would talk to old people," said Supernault..."

Roseanne Supernault and Adam Beach filming feature film Juliana and The Medicine Fish in Canada

"The 14 Hottest Indigenous Celebrities in Canada.

Roseanne is a Cree/Métis actress from East Prairie, Alberta.

She's best known for her role as Natalie Stoney on the Aboriginal People's Television Network hit show Blackstone. In 2013, Roseanne recieved the Best Actress Award for her lead performance in "Maïna" at the American Indian Film Festival..."

Canadian First Nation Actress Roseanne Supernault is Anna in Jeff Barnaby Film Rhymes For Young Ghouls along with Devery Jacobs

"Netflix has acquired the worldwide streaming rights to APTN series Blackstone, with all five seasons (39 x 60 minutes) of the show set to debut globally on the streamer...

Rhymes for Young Ghouls, a revenge-fantasy story that tackles the legacy of residential schools and takes place on the fictional Red Crow Mi'kmaq Reserve in 1976, is quite different. On the website of the Toronto International Film Festival, where Rhymes for Young Ghouls had its premiere on September 9, the film is described as "an S.E. Hinton novel ... re-imagined as a righteously furious, surreal thriller." Supernault shared her thoughts on the film with ICTMN..."

Canadian First Nation Actress Roseanne Supernault is Natalie Stoney in APTN series Blackstone along with Ashley Callingbull Carmen Moore Tantoo Cardinal and Eric Schweig


"Netflix has acquired the worldwide streaming rights to APTN series Blackstone, with all five seasons (39 x 60 minutes) of the show set to debut globally on the streamer...

Prairie Dog produced Blackstone in association with the APTN. Directed by showrunner Ron E. Scott, the cast of the series included Carmen Moore, Eric Schweig, Michelle Thrus, Tantoo Cardinal, Justin Rain, Gordon Tootoosis, Cheri Maracle and Roseanne Supernault across its five-season run..."


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